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2018-01-31 06:39:20 GMT by flicky [any, mainly she/he]
2021-08-24 03:00:21 GMT by The Snide Sniper [he]
Hey, there seems to be a problem where the browser crashes (or rather it reloads due to "a problem", which for Safari is equivalent to a crash) when I try to open comments on a page. I need to disable JavaScript to write comments. I'm on Safari 13.3.1.
2021-08-24 06:14:48 GMT by chridd [she]
I've changed something that should *hopefully* fix it.  It has to do with the way the "pronoun preference" field shows a list of possible pronouns; the problem doesn't seem to occur on Safari 14.1.2, so I just set it not to show a list on versions of Safari before that.  I don't know if this affects other WebKit browsers as well.

Technical details: It seems the problem occurs if a <datalist> and an input that references the datalist are added by setting innerHTML.

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