Fcawnb, the Fabaceous Bean

Vocabulary words: the, fabaceous, anime, illustrious, vehement, advocacy, it, ibuprofen, ether, illustrious, scintillating

Once upon the time, there was a very fabaceous bean named Fcawnb (pronounced fkom /ˈfkɑm/; from the bean language Fqouanbmde, which has different sound combinations than English, making most words hard to pronounce by English speakers). This bean was an anime character, so ze had larger-than-normal eyes (which isn't very big, since beans don't usually have eyes); ze was illustrious. This bean was vehement about advocacy; ze pleaded for everyone, including Afcq̌ʃœ̷̈ð (pronounced AFC quush OTH /ˈæf.kwəʃ.ɑθ/; Fqouanbmde has extra letters and different spelling rules). Á̊fcq̌ʃœ̷̈ð was a germ and infected Fcawnb, who started hurting all over. It was rainy outside, so Fcawnb drove to the store. However, they were out of aspirin, so ze got some ibuprofen instead. However, Afcq̌ʃœ̷̈ð kept infecting Fcawnb, and ze had to have surgery. Fcawnb took some ether. Once the surgery was over, ze was cured. This was an illustrious surgery - it was the only surgery on a bean that actually worked. It was the only one where the bean didn't end up in a scintillating soup.