Vocabulary words: clock, incontrovertible, goiter, macabre, light, haggis, fashion, industry, girl, Bacchus

Once upon a time (and if you want to know what time, look at a clock), there was a clock. This clock was completely right - the fact that this clock was right was incontrovertible. The clock's name was T́k̀ḱĺk̀ (pronounced in English as "tuck cluck" /ˈtək.klək/, from the clock language Ḱĺk̀d̍, which is pronounced in English as "cluck duh" /ˈklək.də/). This clock was an alarm clock, and ze had a bell named Clocca that rang at exactly 7:30 each day.

T́k̀ḱĺk̀ was a very unusual clock. Ze had a face, of course, and hands; all clocks have these, but T́k̀ḱĺk̀ also had eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a neck, and on that neck was a goiter.

One day, however, T́k̀ḱĺk̀ got sick and turned a macabre light green color and could no longer eat haggis without throwing up. Ze was too sick to wear any fashionable clothes (all clocks in Ḱĺk̀ wear clothes). Ze was also too sick to be industrious, and now all the boys and girls wouldn't know when to do stuff. Why was ze sick, when ze prayed to Bacchus every day?