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2017-04-13 17:10:33 GMT by chridd [they (for now)]
I'm trying out a new comment system.  I'll enable comments for other pages later.  Want to see if I get any spam first, and make sure things are working.
2017-05-29 13:55:03 GMT by flicky [he]
Hi! I am commenting! :D
2017-05-30 12:56:55 GMT by chridd [they (for now)]
Yay someone finally noticed the comment system!
Yay now I know it actually works!
2017-09-28 16:08:08 GMT by somitomi
Hi there!
What happened to the resetting count scoreboard?
2017-09-29 06:54:34 GMT by flicky [any]
I came to ask that too. I thought I might start playing if there's a scoreboard now.
2017-10-03 19:16:38 GMT by chridd [they (for now)]
Is it just that the link is missing?
or is there another problem that I'm not seeing/didn't see?
2017-10-04 20:07:51 GMT by somitomi
I don't think so. I recall it being inaccessible for a while even from the magic link in your sig, but that is clearly not the case anymore.
2017-10-04 21:12:36 GMT by chridd [they (for now)]
That link isn't 100% reliable.  Basically how it works is that it looks at the URL that it's coming from:
• If the URL includes the topic ID (t=####) then it knows exactly which thread to use.
• If the URL only has the post ID (p=####), however, it looks to see if it's counted a post with that ID.  If that post hasn't been counted yet, then it just redirects to the main list of games.
2017-11-09 13:29:50 GMT by flicky [any]
I really appreciate the random he/she pronoun feature now that it applies to me. :D
2017-11-09 13:30:30 GMT by flicky [any]
Speaking of which, the LGBT emoticons could do with a couple of additions. Genderfluid and lesbian?
2018-02-27 04:55:53 GMT by Heury [He/him]
This is the greatest part of forum games. Mad love and respect for chridd.
2018-03-22 12:32:19 GMT by flicky [any]
I must say I love your suggestions feature for incorrect URLs, e.g. if I type in it knew exactly which game I was looking for. :D
2019-11-19 18:37:00 GMT by RamenChef (AKA The Snide Sniper)
Shouldn't the clock for time-based games be frozen while the forums are down? Especially for The "Thread Necromancy" Game, where the rules explicitly state that time doesn't pass while the thread is locked.
2019-11-21 02:53:16 GMT by chridd [she]
It's technically not locked, it's just not accessible.  Also, none of the other times the forum has gone down (so far) have affected the scorekeepers.

If people decide not to include the time the forum is down, I can change the scores, but I'd want to know if everyone else in the thread agrees (which is hard if the forum is down), and it'll probably be easier if I know when the forum will come back up (so I know how much to subtract from the person's score).
2020-05-09 22:24:33 GMT by flicky [any]
I miss the forums. :(
2021-03-23 20:12:56 GMT by RamenChef (AKA The Snide Sniper)
I think the forums are officially dead now. I wonder if there would be any support if I started an unofficial replacement forum.
2021-03-24 08:01:29 GMT by marionic
Yes, there WOULD be support!
2021-03-24 13:44:25 GMT by flicky [any]
I'd definitely join.
2021-03-29 20:52:54 GMT by RamenChef (AKA The Snide Sniper)
Alright, then I'll start looking into it.
2021-04-06 20:12:22 GMT by flicky [any pronouns]
2021-08-24 19:27:57 GMT by The Snide Sniper
New forums are up at
2021-08-24 20:37:53 GMT by flicky/ratammer [any]
Hi The Snide Sniper - I joined but if I try to post I see "This post is not visible to other users until it has been approved by a moderator." Do we need a certain amount of post count before that goes away?
2021-08-25 21:59:58 GMT by RamenChef (AKA The Snide Sniper)
Hey chridd, do you think you could set a user agent for the bot so that I can identify it on the forum?

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