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2017-04-13 17:10:33 GMT by chridd [they (for now)]
I'm trying out a new comment system.  I'll enable comments for other pages later.  Want to see if I get any spam first, and make sure things are working.
2017-05-29 13:55:03 GMT by flicky [he]
Hi! I am commenting! :D
2017-05-30 12:56:55 GMT by chridd [they (for now)]
Yay someone finally noticed the comment system!
Yay now I know it actually works!
2017-09-28 16:08:08 GMT by somitomi
Hi there!
What happened to the resetting count scoreboard?
2017-09-29 06:54:34 GMT by flicky [any]
I came to ask that too. I thought I might start playing if there's a scoreboard now.
2017-10-03 19:16:38 GMT by chridd [they (for now)]
Is it just that the link is missing?
or is there another problem that I'm not seeing/didn't see?
2017-10-04 20:07:51 GMT by somitomi
I don't think so. I recall it being inaccessible for a while even from the magic link in your sig, but that is clearly not the case anymore.
2017-10-04 21:12:36 GMT by chridd [they (for now)]
That link isn't 100% reliable.  Basically how it works is that it looks at the URL that it's coming from:
• If the URL includes the topic ID (t=####) then it knows exactly which thread to use.
• If the URL only has the post ID (p=####), however, it looks to see if it's counted a post with that ID.  If that post hasn't been counted yet, then it just redirects to the main list of games.
2017-11-09 13:29:50 GMT by flicky [any]
I really appreciate the random he/she pronoun feature now that it applies to me. :D
2017-11-09 13:30:30 GMT by flicky [any]
Speaking of which, the LGBT emoticons could do with a couple of additions. Genderfluid and lesbian?
2018-02-27 04:55:53 GMT by Heury [He/him]
This is the greatest part of forum games. Mad love and respect for chridd.
2018-03-22 12:32:19 GMT by flicky [any]
I must say I love your suggestions feature for incorrect URLs, e.g. if I type in it knew exactly which game I was looking for. :D

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