Li̬o̬a 'e Gweû

(name of language:)

Li̬o̬a 'e Gweû is the language spoken by mermaids in the area near Tydotsu.

Pronunciation for English speakers (approximate)

a, e, i, o, u are pronounced similar to Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Hawaiian, etc. (father, bet, ski, boat, haiku). Multiple vowels in a row blend into each other.

The consonants (b, d, g, l, r, v, w, y) aren't all pronounced as in English, but can be approximated as if they were. v is something between v and w; y is something between y and r; and l sounds sort of like a normal l to me but is also in a way sort of like th.

' is a glottal stop.

â (or á) is pronounced at a higher pitch than a; (or à) at a lower pitch. (Up-arrow above means higher; down-arrow below means lower.) ä is pronounced with creaky voice.