Li̬o̬a 'e Gweû out-of-universe history

Version history

  1. #2015-05-01: first published version (46 words)
  2. #2016-06-14: +2 words (48 words), changed the phonology
    • New words: dé, dédé, dédédé, dédédédé, dèeé (numbers)
    • Removed all fricatives and affricates (/ʣ ɖʐ v z ʐ)/ and /l j/ and added a bunch of approximants (/ʋ ɹ̪ ɹʲ/). Also certain triphthongs and tone patterns are no longer distinguished, and consonant length is no longer distinguished. Changed a bunch of words to account for these changes.
    • Changed duílíduí "person", dííí (vocative), gïïgïïï "dangerous", diediu "taste", djeère (third person animate pronoun)
    • Removed lui (agent marker), (past perfective marker), 'ìzíu "arrive"