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2023-01-26 07:48:07 GMT by savoe [any pronouns]

This is very rambly, but I still want to post it, read if you want

this is reallly interesting, I've experienced similar things, but never really took note, or thought about it. My philosophy has always been that we (humans) experience the world chiefly through our minds, and through the sociocutural associations with the physical world, rather than the world itsef, and that the ony reason the "world" exists, is because of how our minds work, and how our culture has described things, so, I guess, it's comforting to know that while nothing is inherently real or meaningful, we still experience the world as being 'real' so it is as real to each of us as it possibly can be to anyone else, while also being constructed by our minds.

sorry for rambling in your comments section, this was probably incoherent, maybe I should start a webpage to ramble on...

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