Happyplace and the Discriminosaurus

Possible trigger warning?

Here is a town called Happyplace. This town has many people living in it.

Here is a white, heterosexual, Christian, adult male with perfectly ordinary interests and tastes. He had a fairly good life, but did everyone else? Let's find out!

Here is a mixed-handed young black girl in a wheelchair. She can enter and leave any building she needs or wants to using handy wheelchair ramps and elevators. She can get out of any building quickly in an emergency, since all buildings in Happyplace are designed by geniuses (not that the town doesn't accept people who aren't as smart as well). She can use any device that anyone else can use, because all devices are designed to be used equally with either hand. No one ever gets confused or thinks she's ambidextrous when they ask if she's left-handed and she explains that she does different things with different hands. Best of all, no one ever is mean to her due to her gender or skin color, and she can be assured that when she grows up she can get a well-paying job and a nice place to live, and still have money to spare.

Here is an old, blind Japanese man who likes classical music. He is retired with lots of money to spare, but if he so wished, he could easily get a well-paying job, and has the exact same opportunities as his younger, white neighbors. No one is ever mean to him due to his national origin, and no one ever makes fun of him for his musical tastes or visual abilities. He does not come across any situations where he is required to see where there is not braille or spoken words to help him, and his seeing-eye dog is allowed absolutely everywhere. He can attend classical concerts, listen to classical radio, and buy classical CD's, and he never has to put up with music he doesn't like.

Here is a Jewish nerd who is female, uses Linux, and is most familiar with the Dvorak keyboard layout. Not only is she never discriminated against for her race or gender, she's never made fun of for her nerdiness. People have never done anything to discourage her from pursuing her interests, even though she is female. She can also find any program she needs to run, or something compatible with it, for her Linux computer, and she never finds any websites that require Windows or Internet Explorer. She can also easily change the keyboard layout of any computer she needs to use without issue to suit her preferences.

Here is a gay autistic trans woman who is Native American. She never experiences discrimination for her gender identity or sexual orientation, and everyone is accepting of those. While there is not and never will be a draft, she could easily join the military if she so desired (though it would be somewhat pointless, seeing as there is not and never will be a war). Everyone is understanding of her needs socially, and they are perfectly accommodating. Further, she experiences no prejudice from others for being a Native American.

Here is a middle-eastern atheist who is panromantic, asexual, and female. She experiences no discrimination for her race or religion, and no one ever confuses her for a Muslim (not that they would mind if she were). Everyone completely understands that she is asexual, and no one ever tries to convince her that she will magically become sexual under some condition or other. She was perfectly capable of finding a romantic partner and entering with them in a non-sexual relationship in which her partner did not try to get her to have sex. Furthermore, no one discriminates against her due to her gender.

Here is a kitten. He can get any food he wants. While he can get a warm place to live, he is not confined to that place, and he could go out and explore if he so chose. Despite having a hard time communicating with humans, he has quite a lot of freedom, but also a lot of safety.

Here is a robot. It can follow its programming without issue, and people never try to dismiss it as being lower than them or lacking emotion.

One day, an evil discriminosaurus comes into town. Despite the fact that the discriminosaurus could not change the fact that he was a monster, he could change his views and actions if he so desired. However, since he was evil, he didn't.

"I am the evil discriminosaurus", he said. "All you who are not the exact religion race national-origin religion ability-level wealth-status as me are BAD and should be discriminated against and prevented from obtaining their needs!"

"Never!" shouted the residents of Happyplace in unison. One person spoke up: "You are an evil being and you should change your ways. No one likes you. Also what you are doing is strictly illegal and no one in their right mind would ever disobey that law."

"You are right. I am evil", said the discriminosaurus. "I shall change my ways. Now I have become non-evil and will no longer discriminate against people."

"Yay! Since you have given up your evil ways, we will not discriminate against you. We will accept you!" And they did, and they lived happily ever after.

Here is an author. He/she/it has to take a class at a college where discrimination is discussed. She/he/it needs a means of escape. It/she/he also doesn't care if what she/it/he wrote would be considered bad writing.