Sunset 2

A sunset.  The sky is red, yellow, white, cyan, and dark blue.  There's a long, horizontal cloud, with many colors, yellow on the left, then orange, red, and pink.  There's another pink cloud to the right.  The sun is halfway below the horizon, and is a darkish orange in the middle, and a bright yellow around the outside.  Below the horizon is the ocean, which is magenta, then purple, then blue.  Below that is the beach, with some seashells visible, and then some grass and a rail.  Around the picture is a wooden frame; the top part of the frame is painted dark blue, then below that gray, below that yellow, and at the bottom red.  There's a yellow half-sun painted at the bottom of the frame.

Colored pencil on paper. Frame made by my grandpa, and painted by me (if I remember correctly).