Sunset 3

Another sunset.  No clouds in the sky this time; the sky is blue, white, yellow, orange, and red, and the sun is red and partially below the horizon.  The water's sort of a lightish mixture of blue and red, but then suddenly changes to a block of blue, then a block of brown and a block of green, and then there's a white rail.  Around the picture is a blue frame with yellow squiggles.  At the top, in yellow, is the Apple logo, followed by my name, but capitalized (Chri D.D); at the bottom are two squiggles with dots and two squares.

I'm starting to think maybe past-me kind of liked sunsets? Like the previous picture, the frame was made by my grandpa and painted by me.

The picture at the bottom is supposed to be the icon for Finder in Macintosh System 7; look in the menu bar of this screenshot for the originals (although I think I based it on the black-and-white theme, which I can't seem to find quickly).