Orb developer commentary

I made this game for Games Made Quick, a twice-annual game jam that takes place during a big speedrunning event called Games Done Quick, because the person hosting the jam was tired of wasting an entire week just watching speedruns.

The inspiration for this game came from a couple places:

Some challenges I faced:

The game is infinite and procedurally generated, but it's consistent each time. In other words, I'm using a fixed-seed random number generator… kind of. See, there have been a number of times when having something like a fixed-seed random number generator would be useful, but I wanted something random-access, or maybe even something where I just give it a value (maybe not even a number) and get back a single random number. At some point, it occurred to me that there was a class of functions that already existed that had that property: cryptographic hash functions. So the random number generator I used is MD5. (This is a thing I've used multiple times before.) Consistent procedural generation isn't something that I see that often; the only other game I can think of that uses it is one of nmccoy's other games, Circus Peanuts (although AFAIK that doesn't use cryptographic hashes).

2021 Games Made Quick update

For the winter 2021 Games Made Quick jam, the theme was "don't make a game, make something for a game". My initial idea was to make a level editor for the games that I've made that have levels, which I could then use to make new games. (Actually more like a framework for making level editors; each editor would still have some game-specific code.) However, for various reasons, I ended up not working on it a lot, and then GDQ was over and I had 24 hours and not much done, so I tried to think of something I could do fairly quickly. What I came up with was adding audio to a game that didn't have audio, and I chose this game. But then while I was doing that, I remembered that I'd thought about making a manual for this game and developer's commentary, so I did that as well.