Orb version history

  1. # 2020-01-12 (1.0, jam version): first version
  2. # 2020-01-13 (1.1): save high scores, shield power-up (which also changed some existing powerups due to how the pseudo-randomizer works), fancier title and game over screens, added sparkles, made an icon, fixed bug where you could use the speed powerup infinitely many times
  3. # 2020-07-05 (1.2): made it so you can use any key or tap anywhere to jump; added "Fill window" and "Don't save high scores" options; added "Disable walls", "Show jump arcs", and "Change all powerups to..." to assist options
  4. # 2020-07-08 (1.2.1): fixed a bug where "Full screen" would result in a temporarily blank screen in certain situations
  5. # 2021-01-10 (1.3): added audio; wrote a manual and developer commentary