It's a kitty!

So, for my senior project, I decided to take over the world. My plan will succeed in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Oh, and I'd like to thank my committee members.

Advice to juniors: don't procrastinate.


For my senior project in high school, I made a robotic cat that moves (on wheels) towards a light or towards an infrared signal from a TV remote (you can choose which it does by pressing buttons on it). It has fake fur on it (which can be removed if necessary), and a head and tail, which I sewed onto the fur with the help of my mom. It also has an LCD that can display messages such as *Yawn* You woke me?!!, MROW! Silly light!, Mew? Where did it go?, and (when a certain error occurs) *Hairball* I'm sick. If it runs long enough, it'll take a catnap where it won't respond to anything for a while.

This robot obeys the universal law that a cat must never consistently follow orders from a human.


Unfortunately, it no longer works, but there is an old video of it from December 2008 (before making the fur):

(download video)