Senior Dissertation Proposal: Robot Cat

Version 2.2, October 15, 2008

Description of the Project

Project Summary

For this project I plan to build a robot cat. It will chase an object (inspired by the way that a cat chases a string) and, if time and resources permit, will be decorated to resemble a cat.

Actions to Complete Project

  1. Meet with committee members and make a plan
  2. Acquire parts
  3. Assemble basic robot
  4. Test motors
  5. Get sensors (IR Control Freak)
  6. Get sensors working
  7. Test the sensors with an infrared emitter
  8. Program to follow the infrared emitter
  9. Meet with committee to discuss other possible additions to the robot
  10. Decorate robot (ears, whiskers, etc.)

Projected Outcomes

I hope to have a robot that I built that resembles a cat and will chase or follow a particular object (which will emit infrared light that the robot sees). If time allows, the robot may also follow moving objects and/or have a speaker that makes cat sounds. I also hope to have a complete engineering notebook describing what I did to complete the project.

Challenges of the Project

I don't have much experience in robotics. Also, this project will require me to contact people I don't know to get help. Also it will require that I actually complete a big project on time.

Learning Experience and Relationship to Future Goals

I hope to gain experience with electronics, which could be useful when I become a computer programmer.



I would like to be assessed on the following things: