Rolling Cubes version history

  1. # 2022-07-16 (0.1): first version
  2. # 2022-07-16 (0.2): added type B, 3/6 numbers option, changed the colors, added some more options, added sound effects, probably some other things
  3. # 2022-07-17 (0.3): better title screen, more options in the options menu, change how type A decides to drop cubes
  4. # 2022-07-17 (1.0, jam version): add music, some tweaks to the appearance of the pause and title screens, maybe others
  5. # 2022-07-26 (1.1): add developer commentary and a manual; added an option "six colors" for the color scheme; added an option to change the perspective; tweaked some colors (changed the lightness of some grays and made reds more magenta-ish); made the bottom faces of the dice visible through transparent dice; added a 3D effect to the menus; added the score, "high score" message, and version to the game over screen; changed "Quit" to "Back to title"