Assignment: Write an origin story for your superhero.

One day, Genius (a boy with no super powers other than an extremely high IQ) was walking home from school when he saw a cat. The cat looked lonely, so he brought her (or him) home to his apartment. Or tried to. Of course the apartment didn't allow cats, so the cat remained outside and the boy was very sad.

Just then, the son of the owner of the apartment, an evil scientist by the name of Schrödinger, came out of the apartment and saw the cat and immediately hated him (too many cats in his life had annoyed him by howling outside the window, and he knew that this one wanted into the apartment building). He then made the worst mistake in his career: he decided to use the cat in a science experiment. He took the cat to his laboratory and sealed him inside an opaque box containing large numbers of unstable isotopes, hoping that the cat would die. The cat, now free from observation by mortals, made a miraculous discovery: she discovered that she could be in two places at once. Or more. The cat practiced this for a while, and then got bored.

Meanwhile, Genius had a sudden urge to go somewhere. He followed this urge, and found that he was in front of a huge laboratory. He opened the door (somehow the janitor had accidently left the building unlocked and the alarm off), walked into a room he had never seen before, and without knowing what he was doing, opened up a box, and out jumped the cat that he had seen that day. He closed the box and looked at the cat. The cat looked the same as he had previously — oddly so. There were no scratches, no bruises, no patches without hair. The cat looked at the boy. He was sure the cat had said "Thank you", though no sound had been meowed, and there wasn't any clear expression on his face. The boy started to say "You're welcome", but something made him think that he didn't have to use his voice to communicate, so he stopped mid-word. Then he and the cat walked out of the building and went their separate ways (though Genius did feed the cat from time to time), the boy not knowing yet what the cat had become.