Superhero cat

Assignment: Create a superhero.

About this superhero

My superhero is, of course, a cat (since cats are obviously super)! She* doesn't have a name; his kind don't communicate using language (preferring telepathy, of course); when humans talk about him they generally use common nouns (e.g., "that cat over there", or "that cute little kitten I always see") or pronouns (e.g., "he", or "she"). He looks like an ordinary cat and does not have any distinguishing characteristics (he's white with either blue-green or purple eyes, depending on some lighting phenomenon/which color is handy for the guy drawing the comics; they're officially "bluish").

She mainly saves people/animals from evil villains using his power of extreme cuteness/mind control. He can also be in two places at once and teleport short distances, provided no one is looking. He also has extremely good reflexes (including the ability to fall from thirty-story buildings without getting hurt). Oh, and she can die and not die at the same time, which she does at one point at the hands of his arch-enemy, Schrödinger. (Note that she does not wish to be called "Schrödinger's cat".)

She also has an extreme obsession with calculus, and before doing anything he often insists on figuring out every possible motion equation that's involved using integrals and derivatives. He's sometimes considered lazy, but she explains that by saying that it's "easier to integrate a constant acceleration of zero twice to find my position** than to integrate the constantly changing acceleration of me walking."

* or he; her/his gender is a quantum superposition of "female" and "male", and has not yet been observed. The pronouns "she" and "he" can be used interchangeably for this superhero, and it would not be incorrect for both to be used in the same sentence.
** Integrate once: v = v0. Integrate again: d = d0 + v0t.

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