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2017-11-17 09:33:32 GMT by somitomi
Wow, this sound petty great.
2018-09-21 15:39:10 GMT by hife
I've been using this for a while now and it's great, but today it doesn't seem to be working.
2018-09-22 06:06:32 GMT by chridd [she]
It seems to work for me when I tried it just now.  What specific problem are you having?
2018-10-03 15:30:01 GMT by hife
The text fields just remained empty. Today everything worked as before. The problem occurred with Comic 2049: "Unfulfilling Toys", if that helps.
2018-10-03 19:46:14 GMT by chridd [she]
My guess would be some sort of problem connecting to xkcd, or a temporary problem with xkcd's server (specifically  There isn't (yet) any error handling there, so that would probably just give a blank text field.
2018-10-05 18:25:26 GMT by hife
The problem seems to be there again now. If I try to go to, I get a connection failed error.
2018-11-23 16:38:33 GMT by SDK
And here I just submitted a thread manually like an idiot. I had no idea this was so easy! Thanks, chridd.
2021-09-14 18:32:36 GMT by RamenChef (AKA The Snide Sniper)
This could possibly be refitted for the new forums.
2021-09-16 07:24:22 GMT by chridd [she]
That means actually getting around to something, though.

(Did it.)

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