Prompt: Write a story about apologizing

On the planet XXII, whose life forms include scqixzi (fish-like rainbow-colored animals who live in a green liquid called scqẃatri) and scqixipl (blue plants), there is one scqixiz whose job is to apologize. Zir name is Ascqalioji (pronounced uh-SQUALL-oh-jee).

Scqixzi can't do much except move around and talk, and only one of them has feelings (Fsqingli, pronounced fuh-SQUING-il), so the worst they could do most of the time is to bump into each other.

That's why Ascqalioji would have been surprised when ze had to say sorry to Fsqingli for hurt feelings, and ze didn't know how (although ze was not afraid because Fsqingli was the only one who could be afraid).

Other scqixzi would have wanted feelings and could have had them, but Fsqingli was selfish and kept all the feelings to zemself (ze had all the selfishness, too).

Ascqalioji went to Fsqingli and said, "I'm supposed to apologize to you, but I can't do it without feelings."

Fsqingli was mad. "What do you want?"

"Want? What is that? You're making up words. Scqigldi made no such word. I need your feelings to apologize to you."

"Okay, okay, I'll give you feelings," ze said, and ze gave Ascqalioji some fsqingliapl, the feeling plant.

Suddenly, Ascqalioji felt like everyone should have feelings, and ze also felt that ze shouldn't have to do all the apologizing for everybody, so ze gave every scqixiz some fsqingliapl and also some ascqaliojiapl (the apologizing plant).

Since Ascqalioji had no job anymore, ze was unnamed (scqixzi are named only when they have a job), but now all the unnamed scqixzi felt it was unfair that they couldn't have names, too, so the scqixiz who was once Ascqalioji was named Scqixiz and took charge of making names for everyone else, which was a big job that required another scqixiapl (scqixzi use scqixipl to help them do almost every job). That plant was called scqixiapl after Scqixiz.

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