Assignment: Create a bunch of characters

Cqsicgldi is a scqixiz. "Cqsicgldi" is pronounced "SQUI glid" because Scqixizj has different spelling rules. Scqixzi (plural of "scqixiz") are a kind of animal (that I made up) that live in cqzẃaotri (pronounced "SQUAH teer"), a liquid that reflects only green light - bright green, like grass - but lets all colors go through (although the light undercqzẃaotri tends to be pinkish).

Scqixzi are sort of fish-shaped, although they don't have fins other than their tail. Scqixzi have two eyes, a nose (even though they breathe a liquid), and a mouth, which is above their eyes and nose. Scqixzi also have fur, and most of the fur reflects light in such a way that it is changing color. The fur also has a pattern made of black fur that's unique to each scqixiz. A scqixiz's pattern depends on where ze lives; Cqsigldi lives in a plant called csqigdliapl, which is squiggly, so Csqigldi has squiggles. In the beginning, ze lived between the plants lninqgiapl and alpihapl and later moved to the csqigliapl, which ze named after zemself.

Csqigldi goes back and forth between hoping that the "qu" sound will disappear from Scqixizj and liking the "qu" sound. Csqigldi is in charge of changing the language; zir squiggles cause some of the letters to be in a different order than they sound. A scqixiz's name is whatever the word for "scqixiz" was when ze was named; the word for "scqizix" changes often (see? It's already changed!).

Csqigldi invented language in the year 1 QE; the word for "scqizix" was "sqwiglid;" that was the year ze was named. (Names change spelling a lot; in the time it took to write the first paragraph, the "S" and "Q" got switched. Pronunciations of names stay the same.) Some people find this all very confusing, but, then again, scqizxi do live on a different planet!

Scqixizj Words