Planet XXII, home of the scqixzi

XXII is a planet which is inhabited by scqixzi. It has red sky and is covered in a type of liquid called cqzẃaotri (pronounced SQUAH teer), a liquid that reflects only green light – bright green, like grass – but lets all colors go through (though the light undercqzẃaotri tends to appear pinkish).


Scqixzi are sort of fish-shaped, although they don't have fins other than their tail. Scqixzi have two eyes, a nose (even though they breathe a liquid), and a mouth, which is above their eyes and nose. Scqixzi also have fur, and most of the fur reflects light in such a way that it is changing color. Scqixzi can be named or unnamed; they are named if they have a job (jobs being unique to each scqixiz). The fur of a named scqixiz has a pattern made of black fur that's unique to each scqixiz. Each named scqixiz lives in a different type of plant; the plant is generally named after the scqixiz and gives the scqixiz the power to do zir job. A scqixiz's pattern depends on which type of plant ze lives in.

The Scqixizj language is changed often by Cqsiglid (skwiglid), and has unusual spellings for words. A scqixiz's name is pronounced like whatever the word for scqixiz was at the time ze was named (although the spelling changes). The plural of scqixiz is scqixzi; the word scqizix is also sometimes used (plural is scqizxi).