chri d. d.'s avatars

My various avatars for certain holidays etc.; I don't use all of these everywhere:


Other variants

Original avatar

a cat face with a somewhat weird texture on a purplish pinkish gradient background (same gradient as the current avatar); same as first, but pixellated; same as first, but with a red Greek letter pi and something in front of my mouth; same as the first, but with rabbit ears; same as the first, but with a pointy hat; same as first, but with red reindeer antlers

When I first made my avatar, I'd just gotten GIMP for the first time, so I was sort of messing around with the gradients and textures there. And also meow. And I kind of like pink and my favorite color's purple, though I don't remember if the color was intentional or just happened to be the result of the blending modes and gradients I used.

In 2017 I decided there were a few things I didn't like about my original avatar, so I decided to redo it:

Other avatars

Other avatars I've used. Most of them I used temporarily because of specific things that were going on in forum threads I was in at the time.

like my original main avatar, but with a badly-drawn feather on my head, which is animated to change colors xkcd forums 2016-08-23 to 2016-11-25 rainbow feather, based on flicky's avatar at the time
like my original main avatar, but with glasses xkcd forums 2017-02-24 to 2017-03-17 glasses, based on an avatar I made for flicky earlier
xkcd forums 2017-03-17 to 2017-03-20 white tiger, from somitomi in the Avatar Game (after this, switched to my Easter avatar, with the signature "It's spring; Easter has to be sometime around now, right?")
like my original main avatar, with a pink and cyan butterfly on my face xkcd forums 2017-04-18 butterfly, because SirGabriel thought my rabbit ears (on my Easter avatar) were a butterfly
My new avatar, with the same butterfly as the previous one but colored lilac.  Also my face is slightly darker than it should be. xkcd forums 2017-05-25 lilac butterfly; switched to this avatar after briefly using a slightly older version of my new avatar (the color of the head's slightly different) because of the rating Soupspoon gave me
A black cat facing right, with a white butterfly with some red on the wings on the cat's nose xkcd forums 2017-06-17 to 2017-07-03 from flicky1991 in the Avatar Game (after this, switched to my fireworks avatar (above) with signature "The fourth-of-July fireworks scared away my butterfly...")
A black silhouette of a cat's head with a dark purple glow surrounding it.  Behind this is a starry sky.  The cat's face is shown in dark purple multiple sites around 2017-08-21 used on multiple sites around the time of the 2017 solar eclipse; this one in particular I think looks much better at full size
Some sort of purple cat or cat-like thing with one pink ear and one blue ear and green spots on their back, and an arched back.  Not based on my main avatar. xkcd forums 2018-02-14 from adnapemit in the Avatar Game (switched directly from my Christmas avatar)
The background of my main avatar, but instead of a cat, the pink-and-cyan butterfly from five avatars up is there, and has been enlarged to take up the whole frame. xkcd forums the butterfly from my earlier butterfly avatar, since when I had that avatar people were saying I was the butterfly rather than the cat
My main avatar, but with the pink-and-cyan butterfly on it.  Similar to the first butterfly one, but with my new avatar instead of my old one. xkcd forums 2018-05-09 to 2018-05-25 (switched from my Easter avatar)
A lilac-colored anthropomorphic dragon girl (though it's not entirely obvious she's a dragon). xkcd forums 2018-05-25 Lilac, because last year someone said my avatar should be lilac. Signature "Apparently I'm supposed to have my avatar be lilac today...". Sash Lilac from Freedom Planet, in the dice bonus room that you get at the end of each area if you collect a yin-yang.
Hello Kitty (a white anthropomorphic simple cartoony cat) with a pink flower in her hair and wearing pink clothes. xkcd forums 2018-07-01 to 2018-07-04 Hello Kitty from flicky1991 in The Avatar Game. While wearing this avatar, I just said "Hello" in many forum games; that's what Hello Kitty does, right? (I don't know; I'm not actually that familiar with Hello Kitty stuff.)
My main avatar, but with a border around it.  The left half of the border and the right half of the border have different gradients.  The left half, from top to bottom, is blue, pink, white, pink, blue.  The right half, from top to bottom, is black, gray, white, purple. Twitter 2018-07-17ish to ??? border with gradients based on the transgender and asexual pride flags. Many people I saw on Twitter had gradient rings around their avatars for pride month (June), but I forced my avatar to be square, so I put a square instead. I didn't do this in time for pride month, but some people kept their pride avatars, so I did it late and kept it.
My main avatar, but with sunglasses on. xkcd forums 2018-08-21 sunglasses, because of a conversation about sunglasses making people look cool. Signature "I'm cool, just look at my sunglasses. 8-)" (switched directly from 4th of July avatar)
My main avatar, but with a rainbow-colored bow in her hair. xkcd forums 2018-09-29 a bow, from this interaction
A blue anthropomorphic cat with a large head wearing a shirt with a purplish diamond pattern. xkcd forums 2019-05-15 Rosie from Animal Crossing, from flicky1991 in The Avatar Game
The same lilac-colored dragon girl from before, but now running to the right at high speed with some sparkle effects. xkcd forums 2019-05-25 around 25 o'clock Lilac from Freedom Planet again, this time dragon boosting at the beginning of Pangu Lagoon. Signature "*rushes in to post Lilac avatar while it's still May 25 somewhere*"
My main avatar, but with the words "SHE HER" on my face in a sans serif font.  Since the words are black and my face is dark purple, they're a bit hard to read. xkcd forums 2019-06-05 to 2019-06-22 flicky tattoed my pronouns (she/her) onto my face
Some sort of angry-looking baby xkcd forums 2019-06-22 to 2019-06-24 from phillip1882 in the Avatar Game; if it's a reference to something, I don't know what
Butterfly avatar again.  My main avatar, but with the pink-and-cyan butterfly on it.  Similar to the first butterfly one, but with my new avatar instead of my old one. xkcd forums 2018-06-24 to 2019-08-22 butterfly again
A striped cat sitting down, with a lizard in front of them, and a stone wall and some statues in the background. xkcd forums 2019-08-22 to present from flicky1991 in the Avatar Game
new xkcd forums 2021-09-03 to 2021-10-01 ratammer sat on my head. On 2021-10-01, I switched to my Halloween (witch) avatar and used my magical powers to get her off.
new xkcd forums 2022-07-08 Inspired by ratammer's avatar at the time
A catgirl with purple skin and angel wings, sitting in a field, wearing a blue-and-pink striped dress over a white shirt, with long hair that has braids in the front with a pink and a light blue flower at the top of them.  An orange cat is sleeping in front of the catgirl. new xkcd forums 2023-04-20 to 2023-06-05 An avatar made with the Toon Me! Picrew, because some other people on that site were making avatars using that Picrew at the time. I made a bunch of variants of this one during this period of time.
A flat orange cat with purple flowers around her new xkcd forums 2023-06-05 to present An avatar made with this picrew back in 2019. Used this avatar because ratammer mentioned a power of turning into a puddle of water

Avatars I've given other people

Pictures that I've posted in various places at various times for specific people to use as avatars. Most of these are either related to something we were talking about at the time, or for the Avatar Game, or both.

ImageWho forWhenDescription/notes
A four-frame black-and-white animation that looks hand-drawn of a girl wearing a black dress jumping up and down.  She's wearing glasses. Tillian (xkcd forums) 2016-10-08 Tillian said he's nearsighted, so I drew glasses on the avatar he had at the time.
A drawing of a blue bird closing her eyes and blushing, with one wing covering her mouth.  She's wearing glasses. flicky1991 (xkcd forums) 2016-12-29 During a discussion about glasses, flicky said she regretted not asking for glasses on the avatar she had at the time, so I drew some on.
A gravestone that says "RIP FLICKY 1991-2017".  There's some poorly-drawn grass at the bottom of the gravestone. flicky1991 (xkcd forums) 2017-03-16 There's a thread called "You must kill flicky" where people post various ways that they kill flicky, so I "killed" flicky by giving her a grave as an avatar. Original SVG/Inkscape file
A Magic the Gathering card, which looks like a land but is a light purple color.  The symbol on the card is a flower with petals coming out of both sides.  The picture on the card is a field of lavender. Lavender Manna (xkcd forums) 2017-06-16 A fake card from Magic: The Gathering intended to look like the land cards from the game, except it's lavender colored (normally Magic only has red, green, blue, black, and white). This is a pun on her username, since land cards give mana, or magical energy. The picture on the card, iirc, is her previous avatar. Full size
A pink-and-gray bird flicky1991 (xkcd forums) 2018-02-12 I saw this tweet and thought of flicky.
A skeleton of a velociraptor flicky1991 (xkcd forums) 2018-03-27 I said something about prehistoric birds (referring to the fact that at some point previously in the introduction thread, people said there were velociraptors behind a certain door), and flicky responded "Did someone say my name?", so I gave her a velociraptor avatar. I got the image from Wikipedia, which got it from Ben Townsend on Flickr.
A girl with black hair and a ponytail with a marshmallow for a body somitomi (xkcd forums) 2019-03-14 For a while, somitomi's Discord nickname was "marshmallow face", which made me think of this panel from El Goonish Shive where Ashley feels like a marshmallow because of her coat.
A scene with blue sky, clouds, and some trees and a mountain in the background, with pink letters "ICYFLK" in the middle.  There are also some black rectangles with white text which are not very readable, but the ones in the middle say "INSERT COIN" and "GAME OVER". flicky1991 (xkcd forums) 2019-06-01 A screenshot of the arcade game Flicky's title screen, where the letters come in in a weird order and then rearrange themselves into the game's title. Full size
A stuffed blue and pink bird flicky1991 (xkcd forums) 2019-08-14 A blue, pink, and white bird that's been sitting on my bookshelf for a long time. Since flicky has had both blue and pink bird avatars, I thought this would be appropriate. It has a speaker inside that tweets when you press down, not that you could tell from the image. According to this page it's an eastern bluebird.