chri d. d.'s avatars

My various avatars for certain holidays etc.; I don't use all of these everywhere:


Other variants

Original avatar

a cat face with a somewhat weird texture on a purplish pinkish gradient background (same gradient as the current avatar), same as first, but pixellated, same as first, but with a red Greek letter pi and something in front of my mouth, same as the first, but with rabbit ears, same as the first, but with a pointy hat, same as first, but with red reindeer antlers

When I first made my avatar, I'd just gotten GIMP for the first time, so I was sort of messing around with the gradients and textures there. And also meow. And I kind of like pink and my favorite color's purple, though I don't remember if the color was intentional or just happened to be the result of the blending modes and gradients I used.

In 2017 I decided there were a few things I didn't like about my original avatar, so I decided to redo it:

Other avatars

Avatars relating to things going on in the specific forum where I had the avatar