chri d. d.'s avatars: the ones based on Toon Me

In April of 2023, I made an avatar Toon Me! Picrew and used it on the New XKCD Forums, because some other people on that site were making avatars using that Picrew at the time. Then I decided to try out various different options in that Picrew. Here are the variations of that avatar that I used.

A catgirl with purple skin and angel wings, sitting in a field, wearing a blue-and-pink striped dress over a white shirt, with long hair that has braids in the front with a pink and a light blue flower at the top of them.  An orange cat is sleeping in front of the catgirl. 2023-04-20 to 2023-04-26 Picked some options that I liked. The flowers in my hair are both as close as I could get to the butterfly in my avatar (which is based on my favorite crayon colors at one point in my childhood). I'm glad I could have both a dress and a shirt, since that dress exposes a bit more than I'm comfortable with. I wanted to have butterfly wings (since my usual avatar has a butterfly), but angel wings were the closest they had, and I couldn't have those and a tail at the same time.
The same person in the same pose, but now I'm wearing a black shirt with pink trim and blue pants.  Also it's sunset. 2023-04-26 to 2023-04-27 I decided I wanted to try out some different clothes, and just kind of changed my avatar and wondered if anyone would notice. These are closer to (but not exactly the same as) what I wear offline. Also I wonder if this Picrew took any inspiration from Super Mario Bros., since the clouds are recolored bushes.
The same as the previous picture, except the angel wings are replaced with big pink-and-light-blue butterfly wings.  Also I have a striped purple tail now. 2023-04-27 to 2023-04-29 I figured out how to edit the avatar to have butterfly wings (which also means that I can now include a tail).
At a beach, with my hair in two long things behind me (sort of pigtail-like).  I have a blue-and-pink shirt with a weird pattern, and a dark blue dress with white flowers on it. 2023-04-29 to 2023-04-30 Trying out more different clothes, and also other backgrounds.
Sitting on a dark cloudy background, with a red shirt and hat and blue overalls, similar to Mario. 2023-04-30 to 2023-05-02 ratammer called my previous avatar "beach wear", so what would sitting-on-clouds–wear be? Well, Mario sometimes walks on clouds, so this seems appropriate.
Darker cloudy background with dark purple clouds, and I'm wearing a lilac shirt with pink teddy bears (?) on it and lilac pants with pink polka-dots.  My hair is down and I no longer have flowers in it. 2023-05-02 to 2023-05-03 So sleepy. My wings are folded up behind me so you can't see them (also I didn't want to go to the effort of adding them. Had a bad dream.
Same, but my eyes are open and the background is a brick wall with a part of a bicycle visible. 2023-05-03 Somehow I woke up where ratammer's avatar was.
Black field with purple clouds and purple flowers.  I'm wearing a black shirt with a red skull, and a loose orange skirt.  Instead of flowers in my hair, I have a pink skull and a light blue cat shape.  The sleeping cat is now black. 2023-05-03 to 2023-05-05 Trying out a different style, more Halloween-ish.
The field, but everything is orangey.  I'm wearing a yellow shirt with a sun on it, a red jacket, and orange pants with flowers on them.  The cat is back to being orange, and the flowers in my hair are back to how they were. 2023-05-05 to 2023-05-10 Fall! This background actually does have fallen leaves, but the cat is sitting on them so you can't see them.
A background that looks snowy, and I'm wearing a light blue coat, blue scarf, and blue pants with flowers.  Also some sort of shoes.  The flowers in my hair are now red and green, and my hair is dyed blue. 2023-05-10 to 2023-05-12 Winter! This is actually the cloud background, but it kind of looks like snow. Also I'm wearing a tail warmer, and I've decided to try dying my hair.
Back to the sunsettish field.  I'm wearing a blue shirt with a flower and pink skirt with flowers.  My hair is now pink, and I have extra white flowers in between my usual pink and blue ones. 2023-05-12 to 2023-05-15 Spring!
Similar to the first one, but I'm wearing a pink shirt, and my hair is now in braids. 2023-05-15 to 2023-05-21 Summer! And back to my first one, almost.
Wearing as many bows as I can.  There's a red bow at the top of my hair, orange and yellow ones on the sides of my hair, a green one and a blue one on my shirt, and purple ones on my shoes.  There are some blue circles in the background to represent rain. 2023-05-21 to 2023-05-24 People were talking about bows, so now I have rain bows. Rainbow bows. And rain.
Lilac shirt, lilac coat, lilac dress, purple shoes, and purple-and-pink flowers in my hair 2023-05-24 to 2023-05-25 Some people on the older forum had said that 5/25 was a day to wear lilac, so I put on as much lilac as possible.
Same, but now my shirt has a picture of Lilac from Freedom Planet on it. 2023-05-25 to 2023-06-05 Previous years, I had Lilac from Freedom Planet as my avatar for that day, so I put a picture of her on my shirt. Original image:
A lilac-colored anthropomorphic creature who's supposed to be a dragon, doing a drop-kick

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