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2019-11-19 18:37:00 GMT by RamenChef (AKA The Snide Sniper) on Forum game scores [view in context]
Shouldn't the clock for time-based games be frozen while the forums are down? Especially for The "Thread Necromancy" Game, where the rules explicitly state that time doesn't pass while the thread is locked.
2019-11-21 02:53:16 GMT by chridd [she] on Forum game scores [view in context]
It's technically not locked, it's just not accessible.  Also, none of the other times the forum has gone down (so far) have affected the scorekeepers.

If people decide not to include the time the forum is down, I can change the scores, but I'd want to know if everyone else in the thread agrees (which is hard if the forum is down), and it'll probably be easier if I know when the forum will come back up (so I know how much to subtract from the person's score).

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