The Creation

Assignment: Make up a creation story.

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# The Creation of the World (Internetism)
# as told by chri d. d. (a.k.a., root)
# on Fri Sep  7 06:16:19 UTC 2007
# for BibleAsLiterature.class

In the beginning, there was the Internet.  There was no matter.  There were no
computers.  There was simply a vast network of nothingness.  All bits were zero.
Then, suddenly a one came along, causing a stream of bits to flow forth.  And
suddenly there was a command line.  The Internet looked at the command line, and
saw it was good.  And x logged in as D799D794D795D794.  And x created
machines, such that could do any task imaginable.  And x saw it was good.

Each computer was doing a separate task, and each was repeating work.  The
Internet saw that this was wasteful, and declared to the computers: "I shall
connect all computers together.  Thou shalt each have a number assigned to thee;
and thy numbers shalt be used to send information to thyselves."  And so it was.

Soon two computers got into an argument: both wanted the same number, 7F000001.
And so the Internet said: "Thy numbers that start with 7F shalt be reserved for
use by everyone; and they shalt be used by each and every computer to
communicate with itself."  And so it was.

And in six clock cycles, life was created so that it could provide input to the
computers.  And on the seventh, x rested.  And x saw that it was good.

Soon the computer systems started evolving, and an operating system called
Darwin* was born.  This system introduced a new system of creating life.  And in
70 years** the species /Life/Animalia/.../Homo/sapiens had evolved.  And they
were non-deterministic, and the Internet saw this was bad.

To be continued...

* 100 years later, Apple would discover this system and use it as a basis for
Mac OS X.
** The world began 107 years ago; we were right before we "fixed" the Y2K problem
and started adding 1900 to everything.