Bad children! (2)

Prompt: Pretend you have children. Now scold them for something.

I remember, when I was a kid, when we wanted to talk to someone we had to use our voices. None of this telepathy stuff. If they were farther away, you had to yell louder. If they were really far away, you could carry around a thing called a "cell phone", and you'd type a number and then you'd use your voice. And if you wanted them to see something, you'd have to point the cell phone at the thing and let it take the picture. So don't complain about having to talk at formal occasions.

Also, if we wanted to get somewhere, we'd use a car. None of these transporter things. And no virtual reality video games, either. The closest we got was a Wii, and we were lucky if we got that. Sometimes we even played with cards. Not even full decks always – some of them were missing cards.