Falling Thoughts

Prompt: Write the thoughts that race through your head as you fall from a tall building.

Aaa! Help! I'm accelerating at 9.80 m/s2 towards a huge body of hard rocky stuff! Aaa! I'll probably die! Will anyone miss me even? Hmm, the weather's niceish... a little cold... hmm, if I use colons to separate variables from values, I can't use them for XML-style namespaces... if I could have this on my website, then... wait, what was I doing? Oh, yeah, AAA! Help! Let's see... if I call 911, someone will be here in, like, 15 minutes, which will be (carry the one, sixty minus) like 14... 14 minutes, 58 seconds too late... wait, did I do that correctly? Who cares? Let's see... I could add to my list of pet peeves, "cold hard stuff". And "superheroes". And "words that contain h's". What's "super" about them anyways? Speaking of "super" (thinking of...?), I think "supermodels" would annoy me more... they're all trying to be pretty and stuff, at least there's something good about superheroes. I wish there was a god, ze could prevent me from... wait, why am I not de— AAA! I'm falling... What's that big gray thing? A sidewalk! Hard, cold, sidewalk. Wait, I'm about to die, why don't I care? Can I not care anymore? Darn, I los—