The Note

The musical note leapt from the page.

"LAA!" it sang, loudly and clearly.

"LAA!" sang the other notes that were on the page, in perfect harmony.

"Why aren't you singing", whispered a sixteenth note to a quarter rest. The rest just kept on sleeping.

The notes lined up in order. "Ouch!" said a note as ze was poked by a sharp sign. Another complained about being squished flat.

Then the bass clef rolled out and spoke in a deep voice: "F!"

"What?" said the F.

"Become sharp!" said the clef, as ze spit out a sharp sign.

"Ouch!" said the E.

"What?" said the F.

"You poked me!"

"Oh, sorry."

Then the tempo marking started walking. And talking. "Andante", it said.

And the notes, in order, started singing.

"La." "La." "La." "La." etc.

"Ta", said one of them.

"What?" said the tempo.


"Can you not sing? Why are you an X shape?"

"Clap", said the indicator.

"Ah", said the tempo.

The note clapped. And the next. All the notes started clapping, and the piece turned into one big applause. The tempo marking took a bow, and the piece... reached "D.C. al Fine".

So they went back to the La La La's and clapped. "Fine", said the double bar, and all stopped. Even the tempo. The room grew quiet. The piece was over.