Ḱǵd̍ Ḱĺ

Once upon a time there was a clock. This clock was a good clock, keeping good time.

Zir enemy was also a clock.

The good clock's name was Ḱǵd̍ Ḱĺ, and the bad clock's name was H́x́ T́ḿḱr̃̍.

This is the story of how they got into a fight.

It happened this way. Ḱǵd̍ wanted time to continue in a linear, consistent fashion. This caused some inconvenience to people, but it was predictable. H́x́ wanted time to be flexible, bending to the needs of individuals. H́x́, pursuing this goal, allowed people to buy time. Soon H́x́ became very rich and very corrupt.

At that time there was much conflict among the clocks on this issue, and it became evident that a leader was needed. Both H́x́ and Ḱǵd̍ stepped up to fill the position.

Some clocks wanted a vote, but it was evident that a deadline was needed for such votes, and this was dependant on time, the controversial issue in the election.

So the only option was single combat. They started the fight, but H́x́ stretched and shrunk time to zir advantage. Needless to say, springs flew, Ḱǵd̍ was destroyed, and time became chaos for a while.