The Sad Turtle

Prompt: "Pretend you are a wise sage. Give advice." combined with "Describe your life philosophy in ≤ 5 sentences."

Once there was a turtle. The turtle looked sad and hid inside zir shell for a long time.

A rabbit came up to the turtle and saw ze was sad. The rabbit decided ze needed to cheer the turtle up, so ze bought the turtle some chocolates.

"No, thanks", said the turtle. "I'm allergic."

The rabbit decided to try again. This time ze asked the lion, "What would make Turtle happy?"

"A nice, big, freshly-killed animal always makes me happy", said the lion. So the lion caught a mouse for the turtle and brought it to zem.

"No", said the turtle. "I'm a vegetarian. I think it's cruel that you killed the mouse. Ze could have been my friend."

The lion told the rabbit what the turtle had said.

They decided to ask the dog.

"Maybe ze needs attention", said the dog. The dog went up and gave the turtle attention, licking zem a lot. The turtle just went deeper into zir shell.

"Ze definitely needs attention", said the dog. "Let's organize a surprise party."

They gathered all the animals and had a big party for the turtle. "I don't want any of this", said the turtle, and ze walked away.

After ze left, a squirrel walked up to zem. "What do you want?" said the squirrel.

"A little peace and quiet", said the turtle, "and maybe someone to talk to who will listen."

Moral: Don't assume you know what others want.