Once there was a person. This person saw that there was a problem: colored inks were being made from endangered plants and animals.

"I have an idea", said the person. "Everything should be printed in black-and-white."

Ze contacted zir local newspaper (one of the worst users of colored inks) and suggested it. The newspaper person said ze'd sleep on it.

As ze tried to sleep, the newspaper person thought about the idea and how angry ze was that someone would want that. ze knew that zir paper would not sell as much if it were in black-and-white, so ze decided ze'd keep the red and get rid of the other colors.

As ze woke the next day, ze was in a wondering mood. The dead chicken in the road made zem wonder especially. Then ze passed a herd of buffalo from New York and noticed that those buffalo who were bullied in the group tend to bully the others.

When ze got to work and people asked zem how ze was ze replied, "Well... colorless green ideas sleep furiously, but I've decided to make our newspaper be black and white and red all over. In other news, I've noticed that Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Oh, and does anyone know– Why did the chicken cross the road?"