Time War

While this country was usually peaceful, this year there was a war going on. Both sides had fought long and hard, and both were getting tired.

The leaders of both sides came to a meeting. The leaders were Yeek and Wook. The main issue in the war was time travel—some people—on Yeek's side—were worried about it causing paradoxes and wanted it banned. Fair enough, you may think, but he used rather bad means of enforcing his ban. People started calling him a dictator and one thing led to another.

So anyway, the two of them were meeting.

"I challenge you", said Yeek, "to a single combat duel to the death."

"Challenge accepted", said Wook. Wook knew how to fight—ze had to, since ze was an orphan living on the streets in a very bad neighborhood—and ze was confident in zemself.

Anyways, the day of the big fight came. They started the fight, and it looked like Wook was winning.

"Hold on", said Yeek, as it looked like ze was about to lose, "before I die, I have something to tell you: Wook, I am your grandfather, and your father has not yet been born."

With that, Yeek leapt to zir feet and won the battle.

Moral: Beware of time paradoxes.