Breakfast Limericks

Prompt: Write a series of limericks about breakfast

There once was a man who liked waffles He had one that was really awful He decided to sue For it was true That such things are really unlawful.

There once was a chocolate donut And it had a lot of cocónut An allergic man Asked if he can Be assured that it has no nuts.

A poet who ate a big orange Ended the first line with orange Ze needs a recovery From zir discovery: There's no word rhyming with orange

Unfortunately it was all taken By the time I had been awakened For something that tall It didn't last long at all: A humongous mountain of bacon.

Why would anyone eatsa For breakfast some frozen pizza?! It's really not yummy Or good for the tummy To eatsa the frozen meatsa!

A man had a really huge belly From eating way too much jelly He said "I'm not fat; In fact I am flat Just a picture displayed on your telly."

There once was a man from the coast Who always would like to boast That he had a cutter For really hard butter That he always put on his toast.

Here is a person who begs Since it costs two arms and two legs For sausage and bacon Chocolate donuts and cake and Two waffles, some toast, and three eggs.

It was such a big pile of bacon That it caused the earth to start quakin' It crashed through the wall And covered us all With wonderful, wonderful bacon.

Chocòlate, chocòlate, chocòlate Chocòlate, chocòlate, chocòlate Yum yummitty yum Yum yummitty yum That yummysome yummysome chocòlate.

There once was a very big cookie Someone pointed and said, "Looky, That cookie's so big That only a pig Would eat every crumb of that cookie."