Onceuponatimian signs

The Princess looked at the device that she had designed. It was a small machine that she had designed to help her with her math. It had taken out some of the work – namely, it could add, multiply, calculate powers and logs, and calculate tetration/super-exponents. However, she wanted something more—something that could store all her math equations and solve them for her. This is the device that she made.

The botany teacher looked at the potted plant.

"Ah, those are fire-flowers!" said the teacher, bending over to get a closer look.

"Be careful!" said the Princess, disguised as a student.

"Fire-flowers don't actually burn", explained the teacher. "They're just called that because they're orange."

"But... in that Super Mario game—"

"That's just a game", said the teacher.

"How disappointing", said the Princess, picking off a petal and tossing it behind her shoulder. The teacher and other students looked surprised as the petal burst into flames and bounced across the floor before disappearing. The Princess pretended not to notice.

The teacher went on to the next student. Seeing as the teacher was already rather large, the Princess decided to hide her fungus sample.

"So they didn't like sugar in Vegúil?" asked the green person.

"No— in fact, in Vegúil, there's still no way to say 'Sugar is good' and still be grammatically correct."


"Well, you know how adjectives change depending on the noun's eye color?"


"Well, in Vegúili, adjectives ending in don't have blue-eyes forms. Those forms were added in Súiacúili."

"Speaking of eye color— why do you use the green-eyed form for yourself?"

"Well, purple eyes aren't that common, so I had to choose something!"

"You have a flight of stairs that leads nowhere", said the green person.

"Oh, those?" asked the Princess. "Since I have to take the flag down each night, I thought it would be easiest if I jumped to the flag and pulled it down."

"You have a flagpole with stairsteps in front of your castle; your garden has mushrooms, fire-flowers, trees that drop magic leaves, and bits of plumbing with Venus fly traps in them; you turned the entire second floor of your castle into a desert and flooded the third floor; your dungeon is guarded by spinning firebars; you've made three video games (so far); and you draw the Nintendo logo in the air with your finger right before you wake up each day. Do you think you're a bit too obsessed with those Mario games I showed you?"

"No", she said, and she took out a red hat and put it on. "There. That's better!"

The green person looked at the signs the Princess had put up around the castle.

"These don't look very accurate", said the green person. "I'm pretty sure the flowers in this world that are called fire-flowers really don't cause fire, and I know for sure that you didn't invent computers—we brought them from Earth, remember?"

"But... this makes life more interesting!" said the Princess.