Sasaro is a conworld (i.e., fictional world) that I made. It's a planet in a different solar system, which is surprisingly similar to Earth (similar atmosphere, very similar species, including humans). It is called Sasaro (SAH-sah-roh, [ˈsɑ.sɑ.ɾo] audio ) in some countries, and Nalwenket (NALL-wng-kut, [ˈna.lwŋ̩.kə̆tˑ] audio ) in others.

If you have an SVG viewer, you can see the map. Súiⱥcúil is in the middle, Vegúil is to the northwest, Lwait is to the north, Klk is to the south, Dhidox is to the east, and Onceuponatimia is to the west.

The map above (embiggen) is fairly rough, and there are some things I might change later.