Puinⱥtimcel - Country description

Puinⱥtimcel (pronounced pu-in-uh-TIM-kel, IPA /pu.ɪn.ʌ.ˈtɪm.kɛl/ audio , literally "once-upon-a-time-y") is a country ("magical kingdom") to the east of Súiⱥcúil. I've also called it Onceuponatimia, which is an English translation of its name.


Puinⱥtimcel was formed by people, mostly Vegúili descendants, who didn't like how things were going in Súiⱥcúil, and thought of the time portrayed in their fairy tales (mostly from Vegúil) as a golden age which they wished to return to. After failing to take control of Súiⱥcúil, the Puinⱥtimcelis seceded; since many of the remaining people in Súiⱥcúili liked the Pahⱥr idea of different cultures having their own space, they let them secede without a fight.


The government of Puinⱥtimcel is a hereditary monarchy.


People in Puinⱥtimcel speak Súiⱥcúili. Their dialect has some differences from Súiⱥcúil's in certain vowels and in the existence vs. lack of gendered words.

A black silhouette of a castle tower (similar to a rook in chess) in front of two light blue mountains in the distance.

National symbols

Puinⱥtimcel's national colors are light blue, representing the past, and black, representing stability and normality. Its symbol is a silhouette of a castle tower over blue mountains.