QWERTY more and Dvorak more

(QWERTY more with the option key down)(See the table below for a full list of symbols on this layout)

QWERTY more and Dvorak more are keyboard layouts that I made for Mac OS X that add a bunch of Unicode symbols to the keyboard. Intended audience is those who use Mac OS X, are already familiar with entering special characters on Mac, and regularly need to type other Unicode characters (that are similar enough to the ones I type). (Mainly I made it for myself, and I'm making it available in case anyone else wants it.) (Oh, and Dvorak more uses QWERTY for the command key, like Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘.)

I didn't change anything without modifiers or with just shift; all my changes use the option key (and a couple use control). Also, most key combinations that have already been assigned characters I left the same; I mostly changed redundant key combinations, like the shifted diacritic marks (which typed non-combining diacritics like ´, which can also be typed using the space bar), and the various capital accented letters that can be typed with option-shift (e.g., M used to type Â, but that can also be typed I A). Many characters take multiple keystrokes to type, but hopefully it'll still be quicker than opening the character viewer.

(Note: Like in menus, I'm using to mean "Option", and to mean "Shift".)

Changes from normal US and Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘:

(Note: Press-and-hold to type symbols doesn't work on these layouts; see here for information on how to disable the feature completely)


Download QWERTY more Download Dvorak more

To install (replace QWERTY with Dvorak in these instructions if appropriate):