QWERTY more and Dvorak more

(QWERTY more with the option key down)(See the table below for a full list of symbols on this layout)

QWERTY more and Dvorak more are keyboard layouts that I made for Mac OS X that add a bunch of Unicode symbols to the keyboard. Intended audience is those who use Mac OS X, are already familiar with the existing option-key characters on Mac, and regularly need to type other Unicode characters (that are similar enough to the ones I type). (Mainly I made it for myself, and I'm making it available in case anyone else wants it.) (Oh, and Dvorak more uses QWERTY for the command key, like Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘.)

I didn't change anything without modifiers or with just shift; all my changes use the option key (aside from a few fixes to the control key in Dvorak). Also, most key combinations that have already been assigned characters I left the same; I mostly changed redundant key combinations, like the shifted diacritic marks (which typed non-combining diacritics like ´, which can also be typed using the space bar), and the various capital accented letters that can be typed with option-shift (e.g., M used to type Â, but that can also be typed I A). Many characters take multiple keystrokes to type, but hopefully it'll still be quicker than opening the character viewer.

(Note: Like in menus, I'm using to mean "Option", and to mean "Shift".)

Changes from normal US and Dvorak - QWERTY ⌘:

(Note: Press-and-hold to type symbols doesn't work on these layouts; see here for information on how to disable the feature completely)


Download all (includes IPA ⇪ layouts as well)

To install (replace QWERTY with Dvorak in these instructions if appropriate):