Keyboard layouts version history

  1. # 2015-05-01: first version of Dvorak more (then called Dvorak improved, but apparently that name was already taken)
  2. # 2015-12-17: first version on this website; changed name to Dvorak more; other changes (don't remember); archived
  3. # 2016-08-15: add QWERTY more; fix some things with caps lock; add symbols ǣǢ〈〉♩♪♬♫⑨‽〚〛□■ᶠ♀ȷˡ♂ˢˣ⸛ᵻ¤ᵿ; archived
  4. # 2017-01-03: add IPA layouts
  5. # 2020-07-20: updated all more and IPA layouts:
    • added IPA characters ◌͡◌◌͜◌ǂˑ ɓɗɠᶑʛʄ and various tone indicators
    • ˝ can now also be accessed with E E, E U, or U E (´+´, ´+¨, ¨+´), and now has a combining version with , like other diacritics
    • added emojis, accessed with ; and then various key combinations involving option: 🎶🎵🌟😿😺🦋🐱🐶🌸🤔🐭🐾🐰💭🦄🐺🐦😴 ❤️💛💚💙💜✨⭐️😢😃😡🙂☁️❄️🏳️‍🌈🌙🌈☀️🏳️‍⚧️💤
    • added a few more symbols with ;: ✓✔︎�
    • added full block █ (option-shift-F) and shrugging emoticon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (option-shift-S)
    • changed the ⇧ symbol in QWERTY more from ; V to ; ; to make room for ✓ (also changed ⇪ to match)
    • changed the angle brackets ⟨⟩ from U+2329/232A (LEFT/RIGHT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET) to U+27E8/27E8 (MATHEMATICAL LEFT/RIGHT ANGLE BRACKET), because the former set of characters is deprecated (this will look better in some more recent fonts, but won't work with some older fonts)
    • hopefully fixed more control characters in Vim in Dvorak more: ^S ^_ ^]
    • changed what will be typed if you press ; (symbols), M (math), L (Greek), I (IPA), or ` (superscript/subscript) without typing another character afterward to just be a single character so it's easier to delete