Lwaitel adjectives and adverbs

Adjectives and adverbs are not different classes of words; pretty much any adjective can modify a verb, and vice versa. Words labelled as adv. in the lexicon are those that are more common on verbs, or those whose meaning differs somewhat depending on whether they're used as adjectives or adverbs. If multiple modifiers modify the same word, then they are simply placed next to each other, with no conjunction in between. Adjectives/adverbs are an open class.

Adadjectives (that is, modifiers that modify other modifiers), on the other hand, are a separate class of word. Often adadjectives can also modify other types of words. Adadjectives are always placed directly before the word they modify; adadjective cannot appear by themselves in complete sentences. Adadjectives are a closed class. Many adadjectives are derived from adjectives with the suffix –tes.


The adadjectives




Other ways of modifying modifiers