Look! The world around us is beautiful!  . w w  w 

Lwaitel is a conlang used in the country Lwait, which was settled by a group of artists looking for a more scenic place. Art, particularly visual art, is important to them. As a culture that cares about art, they speak a conlang (i.e., it's a conlang in-universe, too) made by one of the original settlers. Due to a combination of these factors and of them having lots of art supplies, the language's script uses color (to distinguish vowels).


Font test

This: x_T_ should look like this: A red shark-fin pointing right with a circle above it, followed by a green cursive lowercase 'd', followed by a black shark-fin pointing to the left, not this: x_T_.

This: lower/upper should show the word "upper" in smaller letters above the word "lower". If, instead, you see "lower/upper", then your browser doesn't support the <ruby> tag. If you have JavaScript enabled, you can click the following button to fix this.

If you see any problems with the font, please let me know.

Pronunciation for English speakers


Pronounce thisLike this
p, k, t, m, n, s, h, w, sh, chLike in English
yLike in yes
ngLike in singer, not in finger
lSort of like L in English, but not a dark L
lwTry saying L at the same time as oo
ly or ylTry saying L at the same time as ee
·Syllable break

〈pa ta ka ma na nga sa ha la wa ya〉:


Pronounce thisLike this
aLike in father, or somewhere between that and the vowel in cat
eLike a in about
iLike in ski
ai, uLike in haiku
auLike in sauerkraut
iu, uiLike combinations of the i and u sounds
á, í, úSame as above, but stressed

〈i u e a ai au iu ui em en eng el eyl elw〉:

For more detailed information, see the phonology.