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The Invention of Color in Lwaitel
and made dirt, wood, hair, and skin brown objects.
k     
se chúsen húkyes nga mipúli se núnet se puinushe se mishút.
[sə̆ ˈʧʉ.sn̩ ˈhu.kjᵿ̜̆s ˈŋɜ mi.ˈpu.ʎɨ sɪ̆ ˈnu.nʊ̜̆t sə̆ ˈpʊɨ.ɲʉ.ʃᵿ̜̆ sə̆ mi.ˈʃʉt]
seand chus-enmake-prox húkyesbrown ngaany mipúlisoil seand núnetwood seand puinu-shehair-indf seand mishú I decided to try to improve/expand the story a bit, which included adding more things about what objects get what color... which means that I needed to decide what color the skin of the people in this world was. The average skin color in this world is sort of a medium color, like east Asians in our world (which I'd consider a shade of brown), though there's some variation (they don't assign as much importance to skin color... eye color, on the other hand...)