Made-up words version history

  1. # early childhood: yest, tern and elefator, houcher, awtuz
  2. # first half of 2008: etymology class (most words from Greek)
  3. # 2008-07-11: added fir, la, mediesthous, onymous, prepreantepenultimate, and two words which I later deleted
  4. # 2008-08-18: change spelling of aelorencephalanthrop to be consistent with aelurophobia
  5. # 2008-08-24: &sarcasm;
  6. # 2009-01-26: Mss.
  7. # 2009-02-04: 'e
  8. # 2010-03-20: sixthseds
  9. # 2010-12-24: diswant, malcare (now anticare)
  10. # 2011-06-07: drawyer
  11. # 2013-12-22: cry Olaf
  12. # 2013-12-23: gred
  13. # 2014-03-30: beither (I added twak to Lwaitel 2014-03-27)
  14. # 2014-04-01: colorful and grayscale thinking
  15. # 2014-06-30: vel cetera
  16. # 2017-11-22: first version on this website; I deleted a bunch of words that I didn't like as much (almost all of them are Greek-derived words from my Etymology class), and changed some words:
    • malcareanticare, because mal implies that this is bad (which it isn't necessarily; it could just be an unusual preference), and anticare seems like something that might be understood without a definition
    • prepreantepenultimateforepreantepenultimate: more variety of prefixes (I think an even older version had preantepenultimate, which I changed because that word already existed)
    • encephalographyscribimency: encephalography was already in use with another meaning, and I got rid of encephalexia
    • erythrochlorousgred: I decided a shorter, English-derived word made sense. (Actually, previous versions of this list had both erythrochlorous and gred; the change here was getting rid of erythrochlorous. I also changed erythrochlorous to gred in "The Agnographer".)
    • also added drogynous and -gry (the latter I thought of some time in the past, can't remember when)