Random Word Maker-Upper: Version history

  1. #2008-05-26: first version; had Latin, Greek, Anglo-Saxon, Spanish, French, and Hawaiian, and didn't have a way to enter your own languages
  2. #2008-07-14: fixed a thing that might prevent it from working on some older browsers
  3. #2008-07-27: fixed another thing that might prevent it from working on some older browsers
  4. #2009-12-13: added German
  5. #2011-02-07: added my conlang Súiⱥcúili
  6. #2014-03-24: added the ability to make your own language
  7. #2015-02-25: update the rules for Súiⱥcúili
  8. #2015-08-04: first version on this website
  9. #2016-07-26: add a save feature (and moved some things around so that the save controls can be next to both the text area and the list of languages); also added a button to insert |, for those who can't easily type that character
  10. #2016-07-28: rewrite the instructions
  11. #2016-11-07: allow weights to be fractions
  12. #2021-04-10:
    • added SENTENCE mode (also an empty language will no longer generate the word "WORD")
    • added DELETE and DELETE1 modifiers
    • changed how the program handles recursion limits; it'll now immediately reject the word (as if there were an AVOID rule), rather than including the name of the rule in the generated word (this is so things like WORD = WORD WORD don't slow down your browser)
    • added an icon (it's supposed to be a die with a letter A on it, to represent randomness and wordness)
    • made the language rules always visible
    • added my conlangs Lwaitel and Li̬o̬a 'e Gweû, and added a bunch of non-language examples
    • added older version history to this page (from my previous site)