Súiⱥcúili is the language spoken in Súiⱥcúil and Onceuponatimia (Puinⱥtimcel). It is an in-universe conlang inspired by Vegúili, which is spoken in Vegúil. These countries are all located on a planet different from earth. For whatever reason, many of the species of plants and animals (including humans) are similar to Earth species. An extraterrestrial species has some members there; this species may have space travel technology which allowed it to bring animals there from Earth (or possibly the other way around).

[Note: this language is older than my other conlangs so probably isn't as good.]

Font test

The following: a o o u o u ⱥ A O O U O U Ⱥ a o o u o u ⱥ A O O U O U Ⱥ should look like this: an a and o with plus signs over them, an o and u with circles over them, an o and u with slashed circles through them, and an a with a slash through it.

The font is Súiⱥcúili Serif (or Súiⱥcúili Sans), which is based on Liberation Serif. It is licensed under the SIL Open Font License version 1.1.

Pronunciation for English speakers

Súiⱥcúili pronunciation is mostly phonetic.


The vowels are pronounced more similarly to how they're pronounced in non-English languages than to how they're pronounced in English. There are no diphthongs.

The letters í and ú are consonants. Other than ā, all varients of vowels (a o o u o u ė ı ō) are pronounced the same as their main vowel.


The consonants are pronounced as follows: