Súiⱥcúil - Country description

Súiⱥcúil (pronounced SWEE-au-quill, IPA /ˈswi.ɔ.kwil/ audio , literally "sweet country") is a country in Sasaro.

Environment and geography

Súiⱥcúil has naturally occurring sugar deposits on the ground, and also lots of naturally-occurring edible plants.

Súiⱥcúil is divided into states, one of which is called Coculaght.


At some point in the past, many groups of people moved into the area now known as Súiⱥcúil. They came to certain agreements regarding how the different cultures these people brought in would interact, including that people should not attack those from other cultures and that people should have freedom to move to somewhere with a culture that fits their personality (rather than being stuck in the culture they were born in). These people would become known as the Pahⱥr  audio (a Súiⱥcúili word that translates roughly as "native").

Then, Úiaoe from the country Vegúil discovered the area. Úiaoe didn't get along with the people in power, but also didn't have the same attitudes towards culture as the Pahⱥr. Many Vegúili people who supported Úiaoe followed zem into this new area, and they started a country, named Súiⱥcúil. Since the Vegúili people had fighting experience and the Pahⱥr people didn't (due to their agreements and some amount of luck), Úiaoe's followers came to power and made Súiⱥcúil a single country.

Many of the Vegúili-descended people, however, ended up partially entering some of the Pahⱥr cultures, and then those who wanted something more like the Vegúili-derived cultures formed their own country, called Puinⱥtimcel. Even later still, Hx Tmkr from Klk took over Súiⱥcúil.


People in Súiⱥcúil speak Súiⱥcúili, a conlang devised by Úiaoe's followers who wanted to distance themselves from Vegúil but didn't want to just speak the Pahⱥr languages. Some people also speak various different Pahⱥr languages.

A dark brown outline of a circle, filled in with white.  Inside it are nine other circles, the same shade of brown as the outline.

National symbols

Súiⱥcúil's national colors are brown and white, representing chocolate and sugar. Its symbol is a white circle with a brown outline and brown dots, representing their unity in contrast to the Pahⱥr's perceived non-unity.