Donkey Beater Story in Talbas

From Conlangery episode 35

There was once a man who beat his donkey every day.
'emi natos 'andan, nay ninkalne 'o'ópen qlan qlan.
[ˈʔe.mi ˈna.tos ˈʔan.dan, ˈnaj ˈniŋ ʔo.ˈʔopeɴ ˈqɫɑɴ ˈqɫɑn. ]
'emionce nato-sman-indf 'anda-n,have-impfv, na-ihe-gen ninkal-nedonkey-acc.m 'o~'ope-nfreq~hit-impfv qlansun ~qlan.~all.
One day, a second man, who was a neighbor, came to the donkey-beater
Qlanes, sami natos pani, tetes pen, ninkali 'opeyna be pani,
[ˈqɫɑ.nes, ˈsa.mi ˈna.tos ˈ, ˈte.tes ˈpen, ˈniŋ ˈʔ ˈbe ˈ, ]
qlan-s,sun-indf, samisecond nato-sman-indf pani,come, tete-sneighbor-indf pen,be, ninkal-idonkey-gen 'ope-inahit-er.m beloc pani,come,
and asked, “Why do you beat your donkey?”
tsa 'ami, "Plas ti ninkalne 'o'ópe?"
[ˈtsa ˈʔa.mi, ˈplas ˈti ˈniŋ ʔo.ˈʔope?" ]
tsathen 'ami,question, "plas"why? ti2s ninkal-nedonkey-acc.m 'o~'ope?"freq~hit?"
The donkey-beater said, “Beating is all the donkey knows, I must beat him until he learns how to behave.”
'opeyna ke talba, "ninkal 'o 'ope sinso; qo 'opemel maso, somoy soy lomi do."
[ˈʔ ˈke ˈ, ˈniŋ.kal ˈʔo ˈʔ ˈ; ˈqo ˈʔ ˈ, ˈso.moj ˈsoj ˈlo.mi ˈdo." ]
'ope-inahit-er.m kencla talba,say, "ninkal"donkey 'oonly 'opehit sinso;know; qo1s 'ope-melhit-opt maso,need, somo-ibehave_properly-gen soyhow? lomilearn do."until."