Talbas out-of-universe notes


Version history

  1. #2017-04-15: first version (89 words)
  2. #2017-06-28: +40 words (129), a lot more information on nouns, some more information on grammar in general, start adding audio
  3. #2017-08-30: +10 words (139), and worked backwards a bit to a proto-language
    • new words: baba "dad", kos "who", molde "can", sinlo "can't", son "or", sonyo (polar question), tso "any", yo "no"
    • changed: pronouns li (nominative) and sal (accusative) → sa (nominative) and -li (accusative) (also -ili--isa), pyeye -> pyepi, qaye -> qay; sananali "boy"; lo from an irrealis particle to an adverb "maybe"; accusative of pronouns ending in -te from -tey to -ti
    • add proto-Talbas

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