Talbas numbers


Number words

Talbas uses a base 5 system, and only has numbers up to 24. The words for 6 through 9 are derived from bana (5) + the words for 1-4. Multiples of 5 above that are derived from the words for 2-4 + bana. Other numbers are formed from a multiple of five word followed by a digit. Thus the numbers are as follows:

1 mas2 te or san3 poli4 koni
5 bana6 bammas7 bande8 bambol9 bankon
10 teban11 teban mas12 teban te13 teban poli14 teban koni
15 polban16 polban mas17 polban te18 polban poli19 polban koni
20 komban21 komban mas22 komban te23 komban poli24 komban koni

Using numbers

Ordinal numbers: regular ordinals are formed with the -i (genitive) suffix on a number. Exceptions are 'ay (first) and sami (second). Other numbers ending in mas or te are still regular (e.g., 11 is teban masi, not teban 'ay).