From Proto-Talbas to Talbas


Proto-Talbas phonology

Nasal/m//n/ audio
PlosiveVoiced/b//d/  audio
Plain/p//t//k//q//ʔ/ audio
Ejective/tʼ//kʼ//qʼ/ audio
Affricate/ts/ audio
Approximant/l//j/ audio
/i/ audio

Sound changes

ej, je, eje, ije → i / not stressed
aj → e / not stressed

ahi, ahe → aj
ehi → ej
ohi, ohe → oj
h → ∅ / C_
h → ʔ

p t → b d / {m,n,l}_

tʼ kʼ qʼ → t k q / ! #_

f → p / _V
f → s / otherwise

{p, t, k} → ∅ / ! _V or #_CV
{m,n} → assimilate POA / ! _V

Declension and pronouns

Case suffixes were simpler in Proto-Talbas: accusative was -ye, and genitive was -hi. These applied equally to nouns and pronouns. Due to sound changes, the two suffixes merged, so new accusative suffixes were formed from the accusative pronouns. Furthermore, sali "her" sounded too much like sali "baby", so was replaced with pronouns derived from lime, which had previously meant "human" but had come to mean "woman" or "girl".