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Donkey Beater Story in Talbas
The donkey-beater said, “Beating is all the donkey knows, I must beat him until he learns how to behave.”
'opeyna ke talba, "ninkal 'o 'ope sinso; qo 'opemel maso, somoy soy lomi do."
[ˈʔ ˈke ˈ, ˈniŋ.kal ˈʔo ˈʔ ˈ; ˈqo ˈʔ ˈ, ˈso.moj ˈsoj ˈlo.mi ˈdo." ]
'ope-inahit-er.m kencla talba,say, "ninkal"donkey 'oonly 'opehit sinso;know; qo1s 'ope-melhit-opt maso,need, somo-ibehave_properly-gen soyhow? lomilearn do."until."